1. The Schwa is the most common sound in English.

2. A Diphthong is a combination of...

3. In which of these words, the final sound is a Diphthong?

4. If there is a vowel between two consonants, the vowel sound...

5. What is the transcription of Station?

6. /uː/ is a Short Vowel.

7. Which word is represented by /dʒʌdʒ/?

8. Falling Intonation indicates...

9. Symbols are used to represent sounds.

10. Woman

11. What does "Silent E" mean?

12. If you are looking for a Yes/No answer, which tone would you use?

13. Trap

14. In words ending with -er, the final sound is...

15. We always use the same tone when speaking.

16. Which

17. The Schwa appears in stressed syllables.

18. /k/ represents the sound of the "Hard C".

19. Mother

20. When we speak, the voice falls and rises all the time.