1.Intonation is used to express different ideas when speaking.

2.There is only one kind of intonation.

3.Falling Intonation indicates...

4.We use Rising intonation...

5.When you request information and want to sound polite, use...

6.Fall-Rise intonation describes how the voice falls at the end of the sentence.

7.If you are looking for a Yes/No answer, which tone would you use?

8.Intonation refers to the tone that we use when we say something.

9.Which tone would you use to ask, Where are you?

10.If you use fall-rise intonation when saying, I think it's blue, you mean...

11.If you want the message to be very clear, you use...

12.Which tone would you use to ask for more tea politely?

13.Which tone would you use if you want to give an order?

14.We use the Falling intonation to invite somebody to do something.

15.Intonation is used to determine the attitude of the speaker.

16.Which tone would you use when asking, Can I help you?

17.Rising intonation indicates how the voice rises at the end of a sentence.

18.We always use the same tone when speaking.

19.When we speak, the voice falls and rises all the time.

20.When we want to sound determined, we use...