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Tenses List

A complete review of the Verb Tenses with full explanation about the Structures.

Verb To Be

Learn the different forms and uses of this Verb in the Simple Present and Simple Past.

Irregular Verbs

Learn the most common Irregular Verbs with their Infinitive, Past Simple and Past Participle forms.

Modal Verbs

Modals are complementary Verbs so they need another Verb so that the sentence makes sense. You will find the different types of Modals.

Passive Voice

When we want to focus on the object of that action and who or what performs that action is unimportant or unknown, we use the Passive Voice.


These kinds of sentences are used to talk about a Condition and a Result. Learn the Zero, First, Second and Third Conditional.


We use them to replace a subject or object that has already been named to avoid the repetition of the same word several times.


Adverbs can modify a Verb, an Adjective or another Adverb. We explain the different types, rules and uses.


We use them to identify objects, animals, persons, names, material and abstract things. A review of the different types of nouns and their characteristics.


They are used to link sentences, words and phrases. Learn the different types of Connectors.


Articles are used to make it clear what the noun refers to in most of the conversations. Articles are divided into Definite and Indefinite.


We use them to enlarge, quantify or modify the meaning of a Noun. A review explaining how and when to use them.

Comparative/Superlative Adjectives

These Adjectives are used to compare two things (people, objects, animals, situations, etc) or to compare one thing to all the others in a group.

British/American English

English has many varieties, in this case we are going to Study the British and American versions. In this Topic you can see the alternatives that there exist.