Learn English Phonetics

Phonetics content to improve your Speaking skills. Learn with Audios, The Phonemic Chart, Transcriptions and more.

Phonemic Chart

Learn the British Pronunciation by listening to the sounds of each of the 44 Phonemic Symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Phonemes Training

Pronunciation training is a very important part of mastering this language, you can improve your pronunciation and speaking skills through these exercises.

Vowels & Consonants Sounds

Learn the pronunciation of the different Vowel and Consonant Sounds by observing the position of the tongue, the passage of air through the vocal chords and more.

Interactive Alphabet

Learn the Pronunciation of the Letters with Audios and Transcriptions.


Useful words and sentences divided into categories with Audios and Pictures to improve your Vocabulary and Skills.


Learn the Pronunciation of the words, each Symbol in the Phonemic Chart represents a particular sound.


We use it to show the speaker's attitude, to express feelings like surprise or irony, to emphasise, if we are happy, angry, confused, etc. It refers to the way in which we say something and not what we say.

Useful Expressions

A complete list of Expressions divided into categories to acquire vocabulary and apply the different forms depending on the context.

Stress Patterns

We use Stress Patterns to emphasise or make an accent on certain syllables in a word or certain words in a sentence.

Spelling Rules

Words in English are not always written as we pronounce them. These rules will let you know the Pronunciation of some words and sounds.