1./ɑː/ is a long vowel.

2. /æ/ is a diphthong.

3. A diphthong is a combination of...

4.Which of the following symbols is called "Schwa"?

5.Which word is represented by /dʒʌdʒ/?

6./uː / is a short vowel.

7.Which word is represented by /mɑː θ/?

8.Symbols are used to represent sounds.

9.What is the transcription of Station?

10.Transcriptions are not often found in dictionaries.

11.Which of the following is a long sound?

12.The vowel sound in the word Pot is...

13./z/ is a strong or voiced consonant.

14.Which word is represented by /kɹæʃ/?

15.Which of the following is a diphthong?

16.Voiceless Consonants produce a vibration of the vocal cords.

17.Which of the following transcriptions has a diphthong sound?

18. /h/ is a consonant sound.

19./juː/ represents a consonant sound.

20./ð/ is a...