2.We use Rising intonation...



5. What's the stressed syllable on the word "politics"?

6. A word can have more than one Main Stress.

7. In a sentence, some words are pronounced more forcefully than others.


9. /iː/

10. /ʌ/

11.In words ending with "-er", the final sound is...

12.When you request information and want to sound polite, use...

13.Some consonants can represent different consonant sounds.

14.The Schwa appears in stressed syllables.

15. /ə/

16.Which of the following symbols is called "Schwa"?

17.Fall-Rise intonation describes how the voice falls at the end of the sentence.

18.Which word is represented by /dʒʌdʒ/?

19./uː / is a short vowel.

20. /k/