1.If you are looking for a Yes/No answer, which tone would you use?



4.Intonation refers to the tone that we use when we say something.

5.Which word is represented by /mɑː θ/?

6.Which phoneme represents the sound of the "Soft G"?

7. Sentence Stress can also be called

8.When the final spelling of a word is "ee", the sound is...

9. /ð/

10. /eɪ/

11. /ɒ/

12. /ŋ/

13. What do we call "content words"?

14. The Schwa appears in stressed syllables

15.In British English, after a long sound, the /ɹ/ is almost inaudible.

16.Symbols are used to represent sounds.

17.What is the transcription of Station?



20.Which tone would you use to ask, Where are you?