3. What's the main stressed syllable in "creativity"?

4. The Secondary stress is like a half stress between the strong Main Stress and no stress at all.

5. What's the stressed syllable in "important"?

6. /ʊ/

7. /ɔː/



10.In which of these transcriptions the schwa appears twice?

11.In which of the following words the "C" sound is soft?

12.There are words that include both hard and "Soft C/G" sounds.

13. /z/

14.Transcriptions are not often found in dictionaries.

15.Which of the following is a long sound?

16.The vowel sound in the word Pot is...

17.If you use fall-rise intonation when saying, I think it's blue, you mean...

18.If you want the message to be very clear, you use...

19. /ɑː/

20.Which tone would you use to ask for more tea politely?