Writing Skills

Audio Message

Write the answers to practise and Improve your Writing Skills. Complete the Lesson Activity to test your level.

Writing Skills

Sarah is Recording Audio...

Hi Mom,

I'm going to be late today, I'll stay with my friends at the club.

Jenny bought a new car. It's red, very pretty.

The hockey game was good. They put in new grass, it's really very green.

Remember that I am going to visit Grandma tomorrow, she is going to cook her delicious meatloaf.

Call me when you listen to the message.


Writing Beginner - Test

Write the Answers to Test your Writing Level.

    What colour is the new grass? Green

    Sarah will visit her... Grandma

    How many wheels do the cars have? Four

    When is Sarah visiting her grandma? Tomorrow

    To get in the car, Sarah needs to open the... Door

    Sarah is sending a message to her... Mother

    What sport does Sarah play? Hockey

    Jenny's car colour is... Red