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Writing Intermediate - Test

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Need more time

Have news soon

Ride experience

Wants to know

Most important of all

I have tried

Forget to send

That is why

Writing to tell you

Have a nice weekend

Worried about

Matches your words

    Hello Jay, I am writing to tell you that the bicycle is amazing.

    Me and my wife went bike riding yesterday and the bike matches your words.

    It's really light, easy to disassemble and, most important of all, it fits perfectly in the car.

    I have tried the bike gears, they have shown excellent behaviour.

    I'm going for an off-road ride experience with my friends next week.

    So I need to know how it works in the wild, I'm worried about the shock absorber.

    That is why I'll buy the repair kit you mentioned.

    I have not been able to decide yet, I need more time to think about that.

    My wife needs a new bike too so you're going to have news soon.

    She wants to know everything about components and specifications.

    Don't forget to send me the purchase invoice and the model details.

    Have a nice weekend! Richard.