Writing Skills

Ordering in a Food Truck

Write the answers to practise and Improve your Writing Skills. Complete the Lesson Activity to test your level.

Writing Skills

Customers are ordering food...

Customer: Hi, could you tell me what the taco of the day is?

Waiter: Hello! You can choose between meat or vegetarian.

Customer: We are going to eat a vegetarian taco today.

Waiter: Perfect, do you want zucchini or pumpkin?

Customer: We prefer pumpkin. So, two vegetarian tacos and two beers, please. Thanks!

Waiter: You're welcome! I'll bring your order right away.

Writing Beginner - Test

Write the Answers to Test your Writing Level.

    How many tacos are the customers going to order? Two

    The couple is ordering at a food... Truck

    They are going to drink... Beer

    The girl's T-shirt is colour... Red

    They can choose between zucchini and… Pumpkin

    Is the waiter a woman or a man? Man

    Taco is a food from... Mexico

    The non-vegetarian option is... Meat