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Robert Tosh


London, England.

Work Experience

2018 - Present

Architecture Academy | Project Leader.

2015 - 2018

London Architecture Centre | Instructor.

2010 - 2015

Manchester Architecture & Design Centre | Professor.


2007 - 2009

London University | Architecture Master.

2000 - 2007

London University | Architecture.


Concept Design


Industrial Design


I am currently aspiring to develop myself in another type of architecture. With the desire to expand my knowledge on this subject, I am studying the Gothic style to implement it in current constructions.

I know in depth the Romanesque architectural style but I consider that, at present, it would not have the same impact as Gothic architecture. Although the last mentioned derives in part from Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, I see it in a very different way.

As for this architectural style, what dazzles me the most is the lighting inside the buildings and the structural lightness. Not to mention the spectacular Art Vitraux embodied in glass windows. From my point of view, Gothic architecture attracts more people these days.

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Make a better

Most iconic buildings

Dazzles people

After traveling

To be one

Architects were influenced

Contemplate different

Currently developing

As one of

I worked on

Improved the way

A wide variety

Although industrial

Uninterested in

Expand my knowledge

    I fell in love with Gothic architecture _____ regularly to Paris. After traveling

    The Romanic style defines Rome _____ the most artistic cities in the world.As one of

    Studying at the University of London allowed me to _____ of style. Expand my knowledge

    Teaching architecture forces me to research _____ of building styles. A wide variety

    The astonishing beauty of the Art Vitraux _____ around the world. Dazzles people

    I am open to receive job proposals that _____ architectural styles. Contemplate different

    The projects _____ at the academy were taken as a guide for new students. I worked on

    Learning the art of Renaissance _____ I implement symmetry in my projects. Improved the way

    _____ design is part of my life, I did not have to put it into practice for a long time. Although industrial

    I did not _____ decision in my life than to study architecture Make a better

    I consider Gothic architecture _____ of the most captivating for tourists. To be one

    Romanic style has been the inspiration for some of the _____ in the world. Most iconic buildings

    Many world-renowned _____ by these architectural styles. Architects were influenced

    I am _____ a Gothic architecture project in London. Currently developing

    I was offered to remodel a church but I am ______ that field for now. Uninterested in