Stock Status Report

Complete the Report to practise and Improve your Writing Skills. Complete the Lesson Activity to test your level.

Complete the Lesson Activity about the "Jacket Sales" Report using the next statistics information.

Germany $520 2500 2200
France $580 5000 400
Italy $530 1800 700
Canada $520 4200 3900
Spain $590 3500 700
Norway $560 4200 2300
England $535 5500 3700
Russia $520 7300 7000
Japan $600 5500 800
India $510 5700 5200

Based on the analysis of the last semester, we observe that few countries respect the suggested retail price, which varies between $500 as the minimum price and $520 as the maximum price.

In our opinion, the prices that countries such as France, Spain and Japan are managing are too high. Our marketing team has evaluated the damage that this causes and has detected, for example, a drop in sales. This is reflected in the "Stock" and "Sold" fields.

On the other hand, focusing on countries like India, Canada, Russia and Germany, the recommended sale price is respected and the positive impact of this can be easily noticed compared to countries that do not respect the aforementioned prices.

Writing Advanced - Test

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Product traceability

Spreadsheet application

Determine where


Crucial to

Important requirement for

Innovative ideas

Looking forward

Entrepreneurs to

Flow of goods

Are intended to

Been extended

Disposable income

With regard to

Retail price

    The Company works with countries which do not respect the _____ prices. Aforementioned

    Managers have often made business decisions _____ maximizing the market. With regard to

    You can open the report in a _____. Spreadsheet application

    Inventory management governs the entire _____ in Russia. Flow of goods

    _____ allows you to track your inventory movements from end-to-end. Product traceability

    This is probably a jacket for people with a high _____. Disposable income

    Having an online presence is an _____ our company. Important requirement for

    There is a recommended _____ for all countries. Retail price

    The sales strategies we implement _____ provide clear objectives. Are intended to

    We have performed an analysis to _____ sales increased. Determine where

    Our Website update has become _____ our business' success. Crucial to

    We train _____ improve our business. Entrepreneurs to

    Our _____ reached countries like Italy and France in 2010. Innovative ideas

    This table prepares us to upgrade our sales _____ to next year. Looking forward

    Sales limits in India have _____ in recent years. Been extended